How a Professional Locksmith Improved our School Building Security

School LocksmithOne of the worst nightmares we ever experienced at our school was being the victims of a break-in. The majority of our valuable electronics including our desktop computers, projectors, laptops, and tablets were all stolen from inside the school. After being advised by police on what to do, we were advised to not only change the locks but potentially upgrade the school’s entire security system. At first, everything seemed like an unnecessary hassle, until we re-examined the possibility of being broken into again. At the end of the day, the government was able to reimburse us, and we worked with a local company that was more than willing to provide sound advice in our time of need.

Xtremelocksmiths, a local company that specialises in residential, commercial, and industrial clients, offered to install new high-security locks for us at a competitive rate. They were very helpful and were keen to answer any questions and work to a very specific schedule to ensure that the majority of the work was finished outside of school hours. “We work closely with members of our local community and provide suggestions for how to beef up their personal and professional security. Integrating a better security system is one of the best preventative measures a homeowner or a business can take against break-ins.” Kyle from Xtremelocksmiths explained.

It’s been about six months since Kyle helped us set up our new locks and security system, and everything feels a lot safer. Our school has a growing technology department, and as we acquire more expensive computers capable of rendering high-resolution 3D graphics and performing genetic algorithms in Python for our programming students, we’d be even more of a target now. Our new locks are completely impervious to traditional bump-keying and resist lock picking attempts. We’re very happy with the quality of the work.

For any administrators, IT service staff, or school security employees out there, has your school ever experienced a break-in? How did you handle the situation? Did you immediately respond to the issue by hiring a firm to have a deep look into your building’s physical security? An important thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t always students who are the ones breaking in. If they let slip to a family member or older friend that their school just purchased a bunch of new computers, someone who doesn’t even go to the school could attempt to steal from it.

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