I am a teacher working in Sydney, Australia, and this of course is my blog. Here, I offer a new perspective on education and the issues facing Australia and the world today. I do not pretend to be an expert on any subject, and my commentary is provided as-is and without any guarantees that you’ll enjoy my opinions or think they’re worth reading. Nonetheless, I hope you at least enjoy your stay here on this website.

Occasionally, there will be guest posts regarding a number of topics—usually related to education. Some of these guest authors might be people I’ve worked with in the past, while others might be authors who I highly respect. That being said, many of the opinions and viewpoints expressed by my guest contributors may not be in-line with my own personal views.

Now that we’ve got all of the preamble out of the way, I am happy you’ve found your way to this website, however you arrived here. I am passionate about public education in our country, and I truly believe that the key to solving many of the issues facing our nation today comes down to providing the next generation with a better education. With access to more resources and information than ever, the coming generations are blessed. To have access to the Internet and such a wealth of knowledge would have been truly inconceivable to generations past, and even to my own generation.

I actively evangelize for increased funding for education and science in Australia, because I believe our nation will prosper as a result of a greater understanding for technology and for past and future. You’ll find a lot of nonsense on this site regarding these topics, and I hope you’ll put up with some of my ramblings and become an active reader and commentator on my blog.
Your comments, opinions, criticisms, praise, and hate mail are all welcome. Please engage my writing and let me know if you disagree passionately, agree wholeheartedly, or you likely lie somewhere in between!