Minimising Sandblasting Health Risks for Children in Schools

Dustless Blasting for SchoolsHow do we make construction and maintenance around school areas as safe as possible for children? In recent decades, new medical studies have proven the harmful long-term effects of being exposed to sand from traditional sandblasting methods, and the damaging effects manifest even more strongly in children and the elderly, who are particularly susceptible; this is unfortunate, as sandblasting is a process that many schools utilise in order to remove paint and gunk from old concrete surfaces without damaging the material itself. One option is to only perform the process while the school is closed, but even then, there are studies that show that particles remain in the air long after the job is done.

Thankfully, dustless blasting is now an option. This unique method utilises non-traditional blasting media such as plastic, glass beads, and other options that don’t produce harmful dust. Dominic from Bare All Blasting had the following to say: “Dustless blasting is a lot safer than traditional sand blasting thanks to the fact that it doesn’t produce harmful dust particles that can get into the lungs. With traditional blasting, silicates can build up in the lungs and damage the lung membrane, and children are particularly susceptible to the effects.”

It’s crucial that schools around the country protect children from health issues. It’s not only a liability for administrators, but it also puts the long-term health of student at risk. If your school is currently undergoing extended maintenance, it is wise to investigate the safest ways to get work done. When in doubt, consult your contractors and ask them if there are any alternatives that would be safer to use around a school. This applies to everything from construction to pest control.

At the end of the day, we must be ever-vigilant in our mission to protect children from health risks. It’s advisable to do as much research as possible and choose only contractors who have a history of working with schools. There are many hazards that can befall students during maintenance work, and all risks should be minimized wherever possible.

Patricia Fields, a medical professional in the Sydney area, advised us on the long-term effects of sandblasting, “When working with certain media, such as silica sand, sand blasting can leave a lasting impact on a child’s health,” She explained, “It can cause a medical issue known as silicosis, as well as lung cancer and respiratory issues in the long and short-term.”

According to the OSHA Fact Sheet, it is important to not only protect workers from the hazards of abrasive blasting materials, but also anyone who will be near the property, “Another important thing to note is that the high levels of noise generated by construction can also damage hearing in children without much aggravation.

It is our responsibility to create a safe environment for our young people to learn in, and that starts with minimizing any risks to their health.

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How a Professional Locksmith Improved our School Building Security

School LocksmithOne of the worst nightmares we ever experienced at our school was being the victims of a break-in. The majority of our valuable electronics including our desktop computers, projectors, laptops, and tablets were all stolen from inside the school. After being advised by police on what to do, we were advised to not only change the locks but potentially upgrade the school’s entire security system. At first, everything seemed like an unnecessary hassle, until we re-examined the possibility of being broken into again. At the end of the day, the government was able to reimburse us, and we worked with a local company that was more than willing to provide sound advice in our time of need.

Xtremelocksmiths, a local company that specialises in residential, commercial, and industrial clients, offered to install new high-security locks for us at a competitive rate. They were very helpful and were keen to answer any questions and work to a very specific schedule to ensure that the majority of the work was finished outside of school hours. “We work closely with members of our local community and provide suggestions for how to beef up their personal and professional security. Integrating a better security system is one of the best preventative measures a homeowner or a business can take against break-ins.” Kyle from Xtremelocksmiths explained.

It’s been about six months since Kyle helped us set up our new locks and security system, and everything feels a lot safer. Our school has a growing technology department, and as we acquire more expensive computers capable of rendering high-resolution 3D graphics and performing genetic algorithms in Python for our programming students, we’d be even more of a target now. Our new locks are completely impervious to traditional bump-keying and resist lock picking attempts. We’re very happy with the quality of the work.

For any administrators, IT service staff, or school security employees out there, has your school ever experienced a break-in? How did you handle the situation? Did you immediately respond to the issue by hiring a firm to have a deep look into your building’s physical security? An important thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t always students who are the ones breaking in. If they let slip to a family member or older friend that their school just purchased a bunch of new computers, someone who doesn’t even go to the school could attempt to steal from it.

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Is Chiropractic Medicine Good for School Age Children?

In an age where everyone is always on a smartphone or a computer, joint pain and inflammation is at epidemic levels. Orthopaedic problems are beginning to affect children as well. As a teacher, I’ve heard of so many cases of young people, both children and teens, developing severe problems with their neck and spine. Chiropractic medicine has a bit of a convoluted history in Australia and in other countries, but recent scientific studies have shown that chiropractic is beneficial for all sorts of problems ranging from migraine headaches to postural issues. While it wasn’t initially recommended for children, medical researchers are discovering that it actually has a lot of benefits for young people.

I spoke to Matt a Chiropractor in Balmain, Sydney about chiropractic medicine for children, “It’s absolutely beneficial for people of all ages,” He explained, “But of course, I would also advise a visit to your GP beforehand to make sure it won’t exacerbate any issues. In most cases, it dramatically helps people of all ages, whether they’re young or elderly.”

It’s important that children live healthy lives. A good diet and regular exercise keeps a child’s system functioning well. After a recent outreach meeting with PTA, our school is looking at ways to increase the amount of exercise our kids get every day. Good habits start at home, and it’s important to keep parents in the loop and make them an intimate part of the process when you’re trying to improve student health. Physical education and recess can only do so much, and if a student goes home, watches television or goes online, eats unhealthy food, and doesn’t get any exercise after coming home from school, the situation will remain just as dismal.

“We’re looking at a major obesity epidemic, and the media has been good about spreading awareness on that front, but we’re also not talking enough about orthopaedic issues. People need to understand that there are consequences for spending all of your time bending your head down to look at your phone, or hunching over when you’re on the computer.” Matt is very knowledgeable when it comes to the way the body works, and his statements frightened me a little. It’s true. I do notice severe neck pain whenever I spend too much time on the phone, and I think I might look into chiropractic to solve some of the issues I’ve been running into.

Whether you buy into the benefits of chiropractic or not, the science is there. Is it good for children? Yes, but as Matt said, it would be best to talk to your primary care provider ahead of time to make sure it is safe for your child.

Hopefully, as more people become aware of the health risks associated with modern living, we’ll all know what it’s like to live in a more health-conscious world in the coming decades.