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Photography Sydney – Schoolworlds recommendation

Sharpeyes Photography Sydney is, without a doubt, one of the finest companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with in my long history of planning events. I graduated with a doctorate in Events Planning, and I’ve scheduled some of the biggest public events in Australia for a huge array of different companies and industries. A little piece of insider knowledge that most people don’t know: it’s very difficult to organize photographers for these events, especially when contractual obligations restrict so many of them from doing work with any given variety of brands. Finding photographers to capture the moment is difficult.

From what I understand, this firm of photographers mostly specializes in small-scale events like weddings and private family events, but I hired them to take promotional shots for one of our commercial expos and I was so impressed with how everything turned out. Professional-quality prints for a bargain. Much less expensive than what any other company in the metropolitan area was able to feasibly quote me for, and this is basically a result of them not having any outstanding contracts with major photo firms in the area. It was nice to have some free agents who provide top-quality work for rock-bottom prices.

If you’re a commercial planner or corporate entity looking for some of the best photography in the area, I can’t recommend this company enough. Every step of the way, they provided the best support and kept me informed via SMS. They prepared a portfolio of the best shots and allowed us to select from a massive quantity of lossless photo masters ready for RGB and CYMK printing right off the bat. If you’re planning on publishing your photos in print or in digital format, they give you a ton of options to choose from. No doubt the most consummate professionals in the neighborhood.

I would use them again and I keep their company on speed dial for any further events in the future. I would contract them myself, but that would limit their ability to work with a wide variety of events and other customers in the area. Suffice it to say, you usually get what you pay for when it comes to artistic works of this caliber, but this company is one rare and amazing exception to that rule. We paid almost nothing for the job and they were so efficient and professional about every aspect of it.

Whether you’re a company working in the local area or you’re running a private event, I would enlist the services of these gentlemen in a heartbeat. True artistic vision, unmatched professionalism, and an eye for detail that is mirrored only by the finest producers and photographers in the country. Choose them when you don’t want to spend a fortune hiring a firm that overcharges and when you want a small but dedicated team of artists who are results-oriented and get the job done quickly and get the job done right without compromising any aspect of the project.

How Slate Roofing can save Sydney schools money

With funding for schools seemingly decreasing every year, administrators are working hard to cut costs and find ways to save their school districts money in both the long and short term. I think I’ve found a way that schools in the area could save quite a bit of money, especially when they consider how much money they’ll be spending on repairs over the next couple of decades. I think it would be wise for schools in Australia to start thinking about implementing slate roofing on their campuses, as slate is a material that doesn’t visually weather or fade, and it is incredibly resilient.

Why Slate?

Slate is resistant to erosion by natural and unnatural phenomena. Since it is a hardy, non-porous material that is virtually impervious to insects and animals, it is a wise investment. Some of the most well-built structures from past centuries still have roofing made of this material today, and they are virtually unchanged from when they initially were initially installed earlier in the 20th and 19th centuries. Why shouldn’t schools embrace this ancient and effective technology when it comes to their roof designs? It is an attractive material visually, and it is impervious to most forms of everyday damage.

Weatherproof and cost effective

With modern weatherproofing and chemical science, the natural obduracy of this popular building material is further enhanced. With weatherproof coating and chemicals, it can hold up even longer against nature’s trials and stand the test of time for much longer than ever seen in the past. This is why I propose that schools and educational institutions across Australia highly consider investing in this idea. It wouldn’t cost all that much money, as there are plenty of providers in the area who can finish the job for relatively low rates compared to the national average. I recently spoke to Damian at “Mr Shingles”, a slate roofing Sydney provider. Damian convinced me that the investment wouldn’t be costly and it would be worth every cent.

Slate tiling is perfect for Australia’s harsh environment

Because we live in a harsh environment that is hot year-round compared to most other western countries, it is especially important to ensure that the building materials we use are very efficient and resistant to erosion, bleaching, and damage from the elements. I can think of no better material than this when it comes to ensuring that the roofs of our campuses are fully protected against all forms of damage, and it would no doubt help save millions and millions of dollars over the next 100-200 years at least, if not more if the materials were fully proofed with modern chemicals.

If you’re an administrator or you’re currently overseeing a construction project for educational institutions, please consider advising them on the potential short and long-term savings of implementing this strategy.